World Of Warcraft Leveling Guide

The Fastest & Easiest World of Warcraft Leveling Guide

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World Of Warcraft Leveling Guide

     Leveling up yourself in the World of Warcraft depends on the type of character you are playing as well as the side you are in either an Alliance or Horde. This guide will help your human character from level 1 to 30 at the side of Alliance. Though some of the tips here may work for other races, it is better to search other information that suits their character and side.

     When you start playing WOW, the location where you will be placed is in Elwynn Forest in North Shire Glade. It is better to have an idea of the things you are in when you started this game. In the said area there are lots of wolves roaming around. Your first action is to take part in killing those wolves until you reached level three in your character. 

     After levelling up, it is better to recover your character from any damages and it is highly recommended equipping yourself with new armour which could be very useful in your game play. Now it is the time to take your first quest which I recommend to select “A Threat Within” and follow with “Kobold Camp Cleanup”. After completing this quest, take action with two more quests which are “Eagen Peltskinner” and “Wolves Across the Border”

     To obtain level 4, you need to grind some more wolves to acquire 8 Though Wolf Meat items. Or in other way around, you can grind Kobold's Vermins to obtain the same level. At level 4, you need to take part in your quest and the other one that is offered to you. Easy to level up to 5; grind Kobold Workers in the area.

     Complete the next 7th quest and you will get advanced to level seven. In just a few hours, you will be able to complete the quest with ease and satisfaction. As you can see, grinding takes part in levelling yourself in the game. Better to grind if it is useful to level yourself faster in the game. 

     To level your self from 7 to 30, simply take and complete all the quests to get follow ups. Grinding also helps your score to increase and earn a more experience points. To level your character quickly, you need to obtain specific items in each level. Level six at north Shire Valley, kill the Defias Thug to collect 12 red burlap bandanas and loot the head of Gerrick Padfoot. On the next level at Goldshire, kill the Stonetusk Boars until you obtain 4 pieces of meat and kill Goldtooth and loot the Bernice's necklace. At level eight on the same location at level seven, find this special chest in the Gnome's workshop in the quest “Operation Recombobulation”. This is called Rumbleshot's Ammo. In level nine, grind a Yeti at the Yeti Cave until you acquired at least eight Wendigo's Manes. After that, move outside of the cave and grind Gnomes until you have collected eight Restablization Cogs and Eight gyromechanic Gears.  Lastly at level 10, find Frosmane Hold and kill everything you found. After that, find the cave in the mountain above you and you will find and take the basket of Shimmerweed.

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