World Of Warcraft Warlock Guide

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World Of Warcraft Warlock Guide

     Among all other characters in the World of Warcraft, Warclok seems to be the most fearsome class that can provide a lot of damage to its enemy. Gossip of some players that this class won't excel in combat fighting, they have thought it mistakenly. Warlock is worthy to try a character in this game.

     Though Warlock is not meant in a hand to hand combat, they are extremely powerful. In the game lore, the Warlock is a class that used to be a mage before turning to the dark side.They usually use demons, pets, and spells in inflicting their enemy in a high amount of damage. If you choose Warlock as your character in WoW, you need to focus on skills such as stalking the enemy, dealing out damage over time and the most exciting skills, the good old fear tactics.

     The first thing that you will need to know about Warlock is their pet. Warlock's pet  is one of its best assets in the game. It works likely to a hunter's pet. They deal out close range damage and take high damage for their master. This benefits the warlock during battle.

     If you are a player who likes close hand to hand combat, this class is not suited for you. But if you like playing this game with a strategy or what, this  character may work on you. When you start this game, your Warlock is not that much powerful, but as you go along with your journey, there will be increase in your skill and experience. The game will change and have a brighter side on your part  once you have your own pet.

     When you reach level 40, you will have your first mount. This may give you an excitement because this gives you more brighter side on your part. As time passes by, you can have your own epic mount through passing the quest. But still there are a lot more things to know.

Tools of the Trade

     The waepons that you are going to use in battle are the spells. Always remember that casting a spell is very vital. Once you cast a spell to your opponent, you cannot move. If you move, failure in casting a spell will be and you will put yourself in grave danger.

     Just like the other character, Warlock depends on mana. It is highly use when casting a spell. Unlike the other, only a Warlock has convertible HP to mana. This can make quite a difference in the middle of a battle.

Picking a Profession

     Alchemy, herbalism and enchanting are the best professions for a Warlock. Tailoring is also a very good choice since you will need cloths for your spell casting. In deciding to what professions, keep in mind that always choose an excellent primary profession and can support by a secondary profession.

     An example is that combining alchemy to mining which can able to save money from acquiring components you need for a spells. Or may  be alchemy and herbalism useful in making potions. This is probably the easiest way for a Warlock to earn and save money as well. 

     Blacksmithing, skinning and fishing are not good for the character. You may eliminate it in your list. 

Dealing with Pets

     It is very essential to Warlocks for a having a pet. An imp will be your first pet since it uses demons. Though your first imp is worthless, once you past the level 10, you  can have a pet that have more skills and abilities that  can deal an enemy by giving high damage. 

      The common pet for a Warlock is the Voidwalker. They are good in giving damages to its enemies. You can have this one during early game but most Warlock user prefer to keep them until the time they are badly needing it in the game. Later on, you’ll be dealing with the Succubus, Fellhunter, Fellguard and the Infernal.

     They are valued as one soul shard, but you won't able to use them if you are not on the level it allows you to use it. To get an Infernal, you need to find an Infernal Stone, so be on conscious mind as you approach to level 50. 


Earning Money

     Warlock uses other techniques in getting gold in this game. Other focus  on grinding, but you will be focus on mastering your profession. All players need healing potions and other enchanted items. You can create those rare item using your profession and sell it to the other gamers.

Putting it All Together

     Now you know how to make money, how to use a pet and what skills your Warlock will excel, it is very important that you will combine it to your strategy. Your strategy will be the key to your success. An example is that the Warlock combines pet and a long distance warfare in this game. They will have a higher percentage of success in the battle. The pet will absorb the damages and you can stay back for fighting or casting spell to it.

     Learning spells as your weapon plays an important part in your success as Warlock. There are three main types of spells that you will be dealing with. We have the Affliction spells which will affect to your enemies health and can continue affecting them overtime. It is very effective and very hard to break by your enemies.

     Another one is the Demonology spell which requires you to learn the Ritual of Summoning as well as other skills. It is effective in a long range battle and can completely disable your enemies.

     The last type is the Destruction spell which can be use only once you are in a battle. It is found effective in times when you need it most. 

     As you progress or increase your level and experience, you will encounter many new spells that are powerful. By the time you are on the edge of the game, you are supremely equipped to handle anything in the game. 

Warlock is a character that you want to spend your time to play with it. They are a formidable class that can deal out plenty of death and destruction when it is played correctly. Spend your time in learning spells and developing your skills. Through this, you can create a Warlock that brings name with pride and someday becomes a legend in the World of Warcraft.

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