World Of Warcraft Shaman Guide

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World Of Warcraft Shaman Guide

     Shaman in the World of Warcraft can be a very powerful character if you have an idea on how to play it right. They are not particularly powerful as might or even at spell, they are considered as an asset to a group. They have unique skills that are incredibly useful in any situation. It is worth to try this character in this game. 

     Before starting yourself as a Shaman, you should be aware that you would work more on to the skills. Like I said, they are not much powerful yet important to a group setting. Find a group that has a need of your character. Their abilities are very important in a way that they can bring more strength to the group it belongs.

Getting Started as a Shaman

     There is only limited race on this character. Dranei race, on the part of Alliance and in Horde faction, only the Orc, Trolls, Tauren and the Undead. Learn to accept the races weaker points but in the long run, it can be useful.

     Shaman relies more to mana. This class do more spells or potions than using their might in the battle. Learn to control the mana that Shaman has. Avoid using it too much or too little. Both of them have its negative effect to the character. Have with you always medium amount of mana or else you spend your whole time in regenerating your character or your character will have a decreasing health points. 

     This class is not working well in melee fighting. Far ranged weapons and spell arsenal are the things you need to work on. Most especially the healing spells because this is the Shaman function in the group. To be an asset to a group and needing protection from the group, learn the spells in healing and have many potions in you and to the group.

Picking a Shaman Profession

     Herbalism and enchanting are by far the best professions for this class. Don' waste your time in more physical professions. Skinning can be your secondary choice of professions. This may work on to this class. Mixing the right professions can work out well in Shaman.

     The above professions are highly suggested combined professions. You can also combined alchemy either of the two.  Some players like to try mining as a secondary profession since you can use the items you get, but this does take extra time away from your game.

     One way a Shaman can make money is through making potions. Potions are on demand by most players and it can be use to your self. There are tips to consider your whole time in mastering your profession. You’ll be able to increase in skill and create more powerful spells and potions that will earn you more money and more acclaim.


     Only a Shaman can use totems. These are being given once you finished a specific quest. And these are assigned by elements. There is one totem for each element and it works in different from each other. For example, the Earth Totem is used to help defend the character or members of its group. The Water Totem is mainly used for restoration while the Fire Totem is used for battle. Aside from it is effective; it is also easy to use. Air totem can be awarded only at high levels of the game and it is use as a defense.

     It is very important to know that once the totem is drop in the game, it cannot be picked up again. It is better to take care of it because it is vital to your success as Shaman in the game.

Getting to Higher Levels with the Shaman Class

     In getting higher levels using a Shaman, it is better to know the character more. We must focus on intelligent warfare strategies because it is a class that are more on brain power and spells to achieve its goal. They are not the kind who works in melee fighting or might skills. If you have this idea the better you as a Shaman is.

     Totem serves as a key in beating the enemies most especially when you are progressing to a higher level. Only the Shaman can use the totem, and most groups are able to receive its benefit. If the group is wise, there is always at least one Shaman with them.

     It serves a great challenge for us World of Warcraft players to pick this class to the world that is centered for mere fighting and spell casting. Playing as a Shaman can actually make your game better since you are forced to find new ways to accomplish the same means. In this class you will learn a lot and gives you a bright idea in figuring out ways to excel in the game. Be one of the players and give shot by choosing their class as Shaman.

     It is best to recommend to Shaman player to focus on their professions such as professions that can give lots of benefits not only to itself but also to other member of the group. 
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